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To Kill Amocking Bird_theme Comparison Essays -

To Kill Amocking Bird_theme Comparison As I would like to think topic with the most effect in 'To Kill a Mockingbird is Hypocrisy as appeared in three primary episodes . These are the lessons of Ms Gates about the abominations of Adolf Hitler while she despised blacks ; the evangelist hover attempting to demonstrate how Christian they are while accepting that to be a sibling of Christ you should be white lastly the bad faith of the American court framework in the 30's by saying they represent equity. In Ms Gates' study hall we read about her showing her class that the Jews are being aggrieved against by the Nazi's. As per Ms. Entryways this is un Christian and she finds these activities disgusting. The false reverence of this instructing is appeared when she makes reference to the word 'persecution'.This is because of the way that she herself is mistreating the individuals of color of Maycomb by not raising an eyebrow to the executing of a blameless dark man. This woman demonstrates her visual impairment to the racial issues of the Deep South ( where she lives ) however feels a ton of compassion for the Jews who are being abused and butchered in Germany ( a large number of miles away ) . The preacher hovers in the 1930's working in the south of America show the contemptible idea of white residents a few times in each gathering . One in number model that comes into view is Mrs Mariweathers positive remarks about a Christian adventurer in Africa helping the insidious savages see the light of Jesus Christ while then again she denounces Attacus for helping a guiltless Negro . These purported Christian ladies securely state very much never really man helping African individuals of color ( who were content with their lives in any case ) yet on the off chance that anybody should assist an individual of color anyplace close to them it, at that point becomes 'Nigger adoring' and ought to be censured by all inside the network. It makes a twofold standard by indicating that as long as racial issues don't include them straightforwardly they can be open minded. The American Courts of the 1930's were likewise hypocritical.Truth and Justice were held as the most fundamental appropriate for Americans. Truth in the Tom Robinson case was never a factor. The white jury realized that Bob Ewell had beaten and assaulted his little girl Mayaella Ewell and that Tom was blameless .But in light of the fact that a person had more shading color in their skin it was accepted they would be blameworthy truly ,so truth was never a factor .Justice additionally the pride of the American legitimate framework before ,and now yet indeed in the Tom Robinson preliminary ,regardless of how much proof was introduced for Tom to demonstrate his blamelessness, equity wasn't done on the grounds that Tom had more shade in his skin than the members of the jury in this way he was thought to be liable. As I would like to think individuals from the Maycomb people group are attempting to trick themselves into accepting that they are model residents and great Christians, despite the fact that a modest number among them realize that they are incorrect to oppress and despise because of shading . Bad faith and prejudice were as much a piece of Maycomb society as chapel and network soul.

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Free Essays on F.D.R

F.D.R. â€Å"Yesterday April 12, 1945 President Franklin Roosevelt kicked the bucket of a stroke at Warm Springs, Georgia. Expecting the Presidency at the profundity of the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt helped the American individuals recover confidence in themselves through fireside visits. He brought trust as he guaranteed speedy, lively activity, and attested in his Inaugural Address, the main thing we need to fear will be dread itself. Born in 1882 at Hyde Park, New Yorknow a national noteworthy sitehe went to Harvard University and Columbia Law School. On St. Patrick's Day, 1905, he wedded Eleanor Roosevelt. Following the case of his fifth cousin, President Theodore Roosevelt, whom he significantly respected, Franklin D. Roosevelt entered open help through governmental issues, however as a Democrat. He won political decision to the New York Senate in 1910. President Wilson selected him Assistant Secretary of the Navy, and he was the Democratic chosen one for Vice President i n 1920. In the mid year of 1921, when he was 39, calamity hit-h-e was blasted with poliomyelitis. Exhibiting unstoppable boldness, he battled to recapture the utilization of his legs, especially through swimming. At the 1924 Democratic Convention he drastically showed up on braces to designate Alfred E. Smith as the Happy Warrior. In 1928 Roosevelt became Governor of New York. He was chosen President in November 1932, to the first of four terms. By March there were 13,000,000 jobless, and pretty much every bank was shut. In his initial hundred days, he proposed, and Congress ordered, a broad program to carry recuperation to business and horticulture, help to the jobless and to those at risk for losing homesteads and homes, and change, particularly through the foundation of the Tennessee Valley Authority. By 1935 the Nation had accomplished some proportion of recuperation, however businesspeople and investors were turning increasingly more against Roosevelt's New Deal program. They d readed his examinations, were horrified on the grounds that he had taken... Free Essays on F.D.R Free Essays on F.D.R F.D.R. â€Å"Yesterday April 12, 1945 President Franklin Roosevelt passed on of a stroke at Warm Springs, Georgia. Expecting the Presidency at the profundity of the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt helped the American individuals recover confidence in themselves through fireside visits. He brought trust as he guaranteed immediate, overwhelming activity, and attested in his Inaugural Address, the main thing we need to fear will be dread itself. Born in 1882 at Hyde Park, New Yorknow a national memorable sitehe went to Harvard University and Columbia Law School. On St. Patrick's Day, 1905, he wedded Eleanor Roosevelt. Following the case of his fifth cousin, President Theodore Roosevelt, whom he enormously appreciated, Franklin D. Roosevelt entered open assistance through governmental issues, however as a Democrat. He won political decision to the New York Senate in 1910. President Wilson designated him Assistant Secretary of the Navy, and he was the Democratic chosen one for Vice Pres ident in 1920. In the mid year of 1921, when he was 39, fiasco hit-h-e was blasted with poliomyelitis. Exhibiting unstoppable mental fortitude, he battled to recover the utilization of his legs, especially through swimming. At the 1924 Democratic Convention he significantly showed up on supports to assign Alfred E. Smith as the Happy Warrior. In 1928 Roosevelt became Governor of New York. He was chosen President in November 1932, to the first of four terms. By March there were 13,000,000 jobless, and pretty much every bank was shut. In his initial hundred days, he proposed, and Congress instituted, a general program to carry recuperation to business and horticulture, help to the jobless and to those at risk for losing homesteads and homes, and change, particularly through the foundation of the Tennessee Valley Authority. By 1935 the Nation had accomplished some proportion of recuperation, yet representatives and brokers were turning increasingly more against Roosevelt's New Deal pro gram. They dreaded his investigations, were shocked in light of the fact that he had taken...

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Essay Topics About Immigration

Essay Topics About ImmigrationIf you are a student that wants to prepare for the ACT, you should be looking into some of the essay topics immigration. These subjects are quite different from one another, but they will each require a different level of writing.Immigration requires thinking about the current state of the country and its legal system. It also requires knowledge of how new laws and regulations are affecting people in the United States. While the topic of immigration is often one that is thought of as having a negative connotation, it is actually a very positive topic for many students. Most people see immigration as a way to help the country progress towards being a better place.In order to write an essay on immigration, you should first know a little bit about English. This will help you determine what information you need to include in your essay. For example, while most students will want to include statistics about the immigration rate in the United States, others ma y want to provide information on the attitudes of the people towards immigration.After you have done a little research, you will then need to select a topic for your college-level essay topics immigration. The topic is not only important because it tells the reader something about you, but it is also a way for you to form an opinion about the subject. A topic that you know little about will make the process of choosing essay topics immigration much easier.Many students find that the topic of immigration is one that is easy to write. These students typically write their essays on general topics, such as relationships, or sports. Because immigration is not something that is generally covered in any area of studies, it will be easier for them to focus on their topic.When you select essay topics immigration, you will be able to narrow down your topic by using other college level essay topics. If you know the topic of immigration before, you can find many different topics online. If you are unsure of your topic, you should try to find an essay topic that will provide you with enough information to write an essay on the topic.If you do not know anything about immigration issues, you should still choose a topic that will be useful. Remember that the topic that you choose is going to tell the reader a lot about you, and it is also a way for you to get your opinion across. Because it is a good idea to know the topic, it is even better to learn it and have some basic knowledge about it before you write your essay.Writing college level essay topics immigration should be fairly easy. Just make sure that you know what you are talking about and use a topic that will help you get the information you need to write your essay. In addition, make sure that you write with the reader in mind so that you will be able to explain your thoughts easily.

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Argumentative Research Essay Censorship - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1243 Downloads: 3 Date added: 2019/05/29 Category Society Essay Type Argumentative essay Level High school Tags: Censorship Essay Did you like this example? Censorship should be avoided at all costs to preserve the wholesomeness of the government, and the safety of its citizens. Censorship is a brutal tool used throughout history by tyrannical governments, and oppressive organizations to maintain dominance, and control of public masses. The American government, and many private companies have been taking steps to limit what kinds of information are appropriate to share in public, or private circles. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Argumentative Research Essay Censorship" essay for you Create order The only morally sound way to combat this slow march of our culture into informational oppression is by stressing the importance of education, and personal responsibility when utilizing the freedom of speech. Itrs prudent to define two key terms before proceeding. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, censorship is the suppression, or prohibition of any parts of books, film, news, etc. that are considered obscene, politically unacceptable, or a threat to security. Freedom of speech is defined as, the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint. When using either phase, these will be the definitions referred to. History provides us with multiple examples of how detrimental censorship has been to the cultural, scientific, and spiritual of every society in history. When freedom flourishes, so does art, philosophy, and medicine. Any group of people unfortunate enough to feel the sting of aggressive censorship from powerful organizations, religions, or governments, has not only faced repression, but potential mass murder, cultural genocide, or the destruction of large section of human history. Commonly known examples include Julius Caesar burning the library at Alexandria, Spanish conquerors destroying the Aztecs, Nazi persecution of the Jewish people, and early responses to the civil rights movement in America, only to name a few. Censorship has been wielded as a tool which only serves tyrants at the expense of human decency. One inspiring example of a people standing up to their adversity to claim the basic right to speak freely, is the enlightenment era in France. At that period, France was just entering into revolution. A book called, Policing Public Opinion in the French Revolution: The Culture of Calumny and the Problem of Free Speech, by G. Charles Walton can provide keen insight into that portion of history. In his book, Walton covers over one hundred years of French history, and their strugglers impact on the modern free speech movements. The accounts are rife with political intrigue, and bloody resolutions as individuals fight for social liberty. In a sense, that fight extends well into the modern age. France is hardly the only group in history to fight for its liberty. From American special interest in foreign affairs to Russiars civil rights atrocities, and everywhere in between, almost every ruling body had elected in some way to suppress dissenting viewpoints in hopes of protecting its power, and asserting its narrative. The aforementioned opponents of social liberty have hardly relented in modern times. Many governing bodies, officials, and private companies bend to some political agenda which seeks, not to be the most correct, but the most dominant. By restricting the flow of public information, they hope to maintain stability for themselves in their position, whilst knocking opponents off balance. Look no further than the practice of gerrymandering. This tactic can be easily seen as a way to manipulate numbers to ignore opposition by weighing population distribution in favor of the powerful. Groups who favor censorship as a form of social manipulation, unless already in dominant control, ascribe noble goals to their arguments: however, legislation in favor of weakening self-expression only serve to trample human rights. Any argument of menacing, offensive, or vulgar needing to be kept in check are purely open to interpretation when any real law is passed, which opens an avenue to be abused. Any such claim should be understood as equivalent to, This isnt what I think, or what I want you to think, therefore, you shouldnt be allowed to express it. The modern battlefield for this fight for liberty, and the public voice is the internet. Control of the internet is paramount for anyone who wishes to control public opinion. Modern China, and North Korea are both examples of limiting internet access to control public opinion. Both Russia, and the United States are guilty of shady actions involving news, journalism, and propaganda since the late 1990s. (Walton) That information should be troubling, considering the two major sources, especially young future leaders, get their news are news organization websites, and cable news, according to Peter W. Singer, a writer from In this war for minds, a major battle has been whether the United States government should impose regulations on social media sites so that they cant express political bias. The short answer is no. Joining a social media site is not compulsory, if someone doesnt like how that company does business, they are free to leave. Another writer for Brookings.ed u addresses this concern: Furthermore, the government intervention that they propose is potentially more damaging than the problem they want to solve. Niam Yaraghi continues that if youre afraid of what a large company can do to public opinion, the government should hold much less appeal. Like a circle, humanity seems destined to repeat itself. The groanings of those dissatisfied with freedom, because of what others use their own freedom for, have begun growing louder. Most arguments a civilized person would offer are by no means those of a villain, rather, they are infantile musings from someone who has never truly been snuffed by a position of power. They dont understand what giving up even the smallest of liberties for the sake of comfort implies: however, their arguments are not entirely without merit, and should be addressed. Common complaints in favor of censorship are simply wanting to protect their child from unsavory content, preventing slander, or preventing the spread of misinformation. They may even throw more serious accusations of allowing a totally free flow of information could pose damage to someoners health, or property if such knowledge fell into the wrong hands. Solving these issues by limiting free speech is like taking a firearm to an insect in t he home; over kill. If history were to be learned from, the realization would occur that, while utilizing revolts to enact change is efficient, it still makes the revolutionaries guilty of the same crime as the oppressor they combat. They are using violence and threats of violence to impose their will. The only answer left, if violence doesnt solve oppression, and laws created to prevent censorship can be abused, is a cultural change. A culture which emphases personal responsibility with exercising freedom. One which protects the liberty of the individual, but also educates them thoroughly on how dangerous a freedom abused could be. These rules would not be imposed by some law, but, instead, be a social creed; an understanding respect between free people. All this may sound harsh, maybe even utopian, but it is the best answer to censorship, and the dangers associated with free expression. Words can have a powerful impact; words are the most powerful tool in humanities arsenal. Without words, people amount to little more than animals. Without being able to express those words freely, they are little more than pets to a tyrant. With no restraint, words are wildfire that have the potential to destroy: hence, those in power try to shackle the expressions of others. Censorship should be fought against. Censoring the public shows mistrust of the individual, but a lack of personal responsibility warrants mistrust.

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Comparison Of Afghanistan War And Iraq War - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 575 Downloads: 9 Date added: 2019/05/17 Category History Essay Level High school Tags: Iraq War Essay War Essay Did you like this example? The military involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq was a hunt for terrorism: The United States involvement in Afghanistan started with the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, D.C. which brought the world together in unity against a global threat by Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda. The United States was asked by the Taliban who was in control of Afghanistan for negotiations but this request was rejected by the United States who wanted to take military action against the terrorist. Operation Enduring freedom a joint operation of United States, Afghan Northern Alliance, United Kingdom and Canada began on October 7, 2001 by 2006 the control of the operation was given to Natos International Security Assistance Force. Prior to 9/11 and Operation Enduring Freedom. A government report was made on Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda stating that after a United States embassies attack in Kenya and Tanzania, the United States responded with cruise missile attack on Osama bin Laden failed and may have brought al-Qaeda and the Taliban together in one political and ideological group and this report was written in 1999. What I did find in the report that was interesting, Dr. Richter stated that the war against would not be won because terrorism will be a global problem (Dr. Gary W. Richte). Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Comparison Of Afghanistan War And Iraq War" essay for you Create order With the information that I have found so far on the Afghanistan war, the United States government has plans in place prior to deal with al-Qaeda as well as the Taliban but when 9/11 took place those plans were put in to action. The United States involvement in Iraq: In 2003 President George W. Bush made an address to the American public that was televised that coalitions forces were in in the early part of operations in the effort to disarm Iraq and to put the focus liberating the Iraqi people from Saddam Hussein. Within 90 minutes after the dead line set on Saddam Hussein to leave or face the consequences of war the coalition started hitting the first targets Saddam Hussein went underground to hide from the assault that was raining down on the Iraqi government( Staff). There was one problem after the invasion there was a lot of guerrilla fighting taking place after military victory, there was one issue and that was the lack of plans of a post Iraq security. There were several documents pertaining to the future of Iraq and one of these documents stood out; which took place a month before military actions in Iraq. The memorandum was for Under Secretary of State Paula Dobriansky stating that Recognizing that the military is reluctant to take on policing roles, the bureau heads predict that a failure to address short-term public security and humanitarian assistance concerns could result in serious human rights abuses which would undermine an otherwise successful military campaign, and our reputation internationally. This came on the heels of a warning that there was serious planning gaps for post-conflict public security and humanitarian assistance (DRL-Lorne W. Craner, PRM-Arthur E. Dewey, INL-Paul E. Simons). With looking at both Afghanistan War and the Iraq War you can see that the Afghanistan War was more prepared for was Iraq War in some ways prepared for except the end results of this action. The other thing about the Iraq War the country that set next door which is Iran and its influence that is spreading through Iraq and this is also happening in Afghanistan and this comes after the two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Bmw s Corporate Social Responsibility - 1234 Words

BMW is one of the most reputable companies of the world. The company has acquired this position without compromising its ethical practices and commitments to contribute in social and environmental causes. BMW has a commendable record in the area of corporate social responsibility (CSR). BMW is committed to its CSR responsibilities, and the same is reflected in BMW’s CSR activities and programs. BMW has introduced a variety of activities and programs in order to fulfil its commitment towards corporate social responsibility (Dill, 2014). At BMW sustainability is regarded as positive contribution towards financial success of the organization. Sustainable development involves the betterment of all internal and external stakeholders, and ensures success of the company. Sustainable development is the foundation of BMW’s corporate social responsibilities.The compnay also believes that awareness about CSR is also very important in order to implement all CSR programs efficiently and yielding desired results. They understand their responsibilities toward employees, customers, investors, business partners, society, and environment. The BMW Group runs different programs for the welfare of its stakeholders (Thauer, 2014). Under the â€Å"Today for Tomorrow† program, BMW runs various activities to promote welfare of its employees. Major elements of the program includes mixed workload, ergonomic design, capacity optimized rotation, qualification health equitable work, and focus onShow MoreRelatedSwot Analysis Of Bmw s Top 50 Socially Responsible Company1710 Words   |  7 PagesSummary BMW is a leading company in the transportation and logistic industry. This report provides an analysis and evaluation of BMW Group s stakeholders, social responsibility activities and programs, ethics as well as their approach to globalization and sustainability. Based on our findings we have determined that BMW s position on Maclean s Top 50 Socially Responsible Company is justified as the analysis on our research affirms that BMW has taken initiative to implement corporate social responsibilityRead MoreBmw : The World s Most Successful And Sustainable Premium Provider Of Individual Mobility1536 Words   |  7 PagesBMW is a leader in the automotive industry when it comes to CSR management. BMW’s vision statement says â€Å"The BMW Group is the world’s most successful and sustainable premium provider of individual mobility† (Sustainable Value Report, 2015, p. 9). BMW has a long, established history of consistently improving their social responsibility policie s and processes. In fact, BMW was the first automobile manufacturer to appoint and environmental officer (McElhaney, Toffel, and Hill, 2004, p. 104). As aRead MoreThe Test of Time: BMWs Ethical Dilemmas Over History Essays1540 Words   |  7 PagesThis Research paper reports on the ethics of BMW through its history starting from 1916 to present time of 2013. It shows the progression of BMW’s ethical dilemmas of having prisoners of war and concentration camp workers, allegation of bribery, to its racial discrimination. And the changes that where implemented that led them to be on Ethisphere Institutes top 100 list of the Worlds Most Ethical Companies for 2009. Such changes such as new management, changing conduct codes, improving environmentalRead MoreCsr Critical Essay1949 Words   |  8 PagesAn Examination on Social Performance of BMW AG Corporate Social Responsibility can be defined as performances of businesses in completing good practices and standards to accomplish positive and sustainable results towards business, environment and society (CSR Singapore Compact 2005). Implementation of corporate social responsibility concept within the businesses means the businesses will always try their best to give positive outcomes to the society, which give satisfaction to the people andRead MoreWhat is Corporate Responsibility Essay2045 Words   |  9 PagesWhat is CSR? CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility indicates the actions or conducts that have strategic importance to companies. CSR has been defined as a company’s efforts or obligations in reducing and getting rid of any detrimental effects on the community and maximizing long-term beneficial effects to the company and community in which it operates (Mohr et al, 2001, cited Trendafilova et al, 2013). CSR usually starts with the general emphasis that businesse s are not only responsible to generateRead MoreFriedmans View On Corporate Social Responsibility1775 Words   |  8 PagesView on Corporate Social Responsibility The answer to the questions of Why does a business exist? and What purposes does/should it serve within society? are not agreed upon by all. The concept that companies having social obligations beyond their economic benefit is controversial (Chandler Werther Jr., 2014). This paper will briefly examine the viewpoint of the well-known economist, Milton Friedman, whose assertions have been very influential in the debate surrounding corporate social responsibilityRead MoreSituational Analysis of Bmw Mini Essay2427 Words   |  10 Pagesunits sold in 2001. The market for premium products is clearly growing faster than the total market, particularly in the small car market. Many customers will not compromise safety, quality, driving characteristics, and individualism (BMW Group, 2003). Though BMW currently caters to the premium automotive market, other high-end competitors such as Mercedes also have products positioned to capture the entry market. This paper will provide a situatio nal analysis of BMWs newest product endeavor, theRead MoreBmw Five Forces5073 Words   |  21 PagesTable of contents BMW: case study analysis Q1: Business environment and main trends in 2004 The global car market started decline in 2003, led by market falls in North America and Western Europe. Other regions of the world led by East Asia are seeing further car market expansion in 2003. In 2004, projections for livelier economic growth underpin the resumption of car market growth in Western Europe and North America. (Langley 2004, p691-711) Although the more stringent laws can eat away atRead MoreCorporate Social Responsibility : Csr1304 Words   |  6 Pagesof loyalty to personalized, mobile-friendly, shopping experience.Those considerations are certainly important. But apart from those, one thing may built good reputation for companies is that use profit to do good things in the world. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is about a question of how does good business make a better society in future. CSR is not just about charity it refers to a business practice that involves participating in initiatives that benefit society). The main purpose of CSRRead MoreAnalysis of Mini5409 Words   |  22 Pagesseller when the customer considers the MINI products and its value.(McCartie, 2011) Current situation analysis SWOT Analysis (Guide to Management Ideas, 2003) p218 states that â€Å"SWOT is handy mnemonic to help planners think about corporate strategy. It stands for strength, weakness, opportunities and threats†. As follow the SWOT analysis of MINI will be shown: |Strengths |Weaknesses

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Facing The Shortage Of Healthcare Workers †

Question: Discuss about the Facing The Shortage Of Healthcare Workers. Answer: Introduction According to the global report of the United Nations World Health Organization, the entire world will be facing the shortage of healthcare workers and the implications will be dangerous for the global society (United Nations, 2017). The Organization estimated that the number of staff shortage would increase up to 12.9 million from the current data of 7.2 million worldwide. While the developed world is estimated to loss its 40% of nursing staff, developing countries will be facing shortage of infrastructures to train and develop trained healthcare staffs to combat the situation. The UN report addressed few of the implications to address this staff shorting innursing profession and determined that remuneration differences, gender disparities and violence are the prime reasons for this situation (United Nations, 2017). The primary aim of this report is to address this important issue and provide a brief idea of this situation in Malaysian context while focusing on the global concern. Further, the reason for this situation, its effects with Malaysian stats and governmental steps to overcome the situation will be discussed. Finally, the report will point out few recommendations that should be implemented to overcome this crisis. Reasons for nursing staffs shortage There are certain factors that accounts for theshortage of nursing staffs in the health care industry. The inability of thenursing schools in increasing the enrollment due to the lack of nursing faculty. Nursing faculty shortage can be due to certain facts like low salary structures of the educators in comparison to the clinicians, Age delayed trajectory of nurses who are obtaining higher levels of education, retirement of a large number of currently employed nurses (McDermid et al., 2012). Acuity in the clinical settings due to the reducing average length of the stay. New technologies are facilitating fast assessment, treatment and discharge (McDermid et al., 2012). Aging population and the ageing work force. A high percentage of the baby boomers will be reaching the retirement age which their intensifying needs of health care (Wang et al., 2012). Again a huge number of nursing workforces have currently reached the retirement age. As stated by the National Council of the State boards of nursing, about 50 % of the RN is older, predicting more shortage of nurses in the near future (McDermid et al., 2012). Work environment and work load is another key reason for shortage of nurse staffing. Due to the increasing cost of the health care, many hospitals have been forced to lessen the staffing and have also implemented compulsory overtime policies in order to cope up with the increased work load and cost (Chan et al., 2013). The overtime policies are mainly to ensure that the nurses would be available to work overtime at the time of rush. Gender discrimination is also one of the reasons for the shortage in nursing. Females are mainly associated with the profession of nursing other than the male as nursing is more like as extension of their major work role. Hence majority of the male are not opting for this job (Chan et al., 2013). Nurses are often falling prey to the violence in hospitals due to public outrage (Algwaiz Alghanim, 2012). Malaysia is facing a shortage of nurses as many colleges that offered nursing training have been closed down. A drop in the loans sanctioned by the National Higher Education fund Corporation (PTPTN) has also contributed to the nursing shortage in Malaysia. Budgets have been cut by the private hospitals and nowadays the students are attracted to more lucrative courses other than nursing (Drake, 2013). Nursing shortage effect on the health care industry The role of a nurse is to helping the patients to address their physical, social, cognitive and emotional and spiritual needs of the patient. The physicians role is only confined to assessing the patient, checking out the vital signs and to decide the treatment regimen, whereas the nurses work alongside the doctors in catering to each and every needs of the patient, from assessing the vital signs to administering of the medicines (Wyte-Lake et al., 2013). Nurses often play roles of a patient advocate in a multidisciplinary team, where they have to take crucial decisions for example in case of terminally ill patients. Hence, shortage of nursing staffs may bring about genuine problems in the growing world of the health care consumers (Chan et al., 2013). The shortage of nurses reflects the fundamental alterations in the demography of the populations, work attitudes and career expectations. Shortage of staffing in nursing had become a prime problem all over the world. Gone are the days with high vacancy rates, but the current shortage of staffing is different. Nurse staffing is mainly measured in one of the two ways: - Nursing hours per patient per day and the nurse to patient ratio (Drake, 2013). Due to the shortage of the nursing staffs, the roistered nurses have to work for long hours under stressful conditions, which ultimately results in fatigue, lack of concentration and job dissatisfaction. This may lead to medical errors, emergency room overcrowding and increasing mortality (Beh Loo, 2012). Nurse staffing in hospitals is a major concern as it can impact on the patient safety and the quality of care. One of the indicators of the quality of care is the nursing sensitive outcomes. A broad amount of evidence based researches have been able to find the association between adverse patients outcomes and low nurse staffing. As stated by McDermid et al., (2012), hospitals having high Registered nurse staffing have had lower rates of adverse patient outcomes such as Pneumonia, Urinary tract infections, shock, upper gastrointestinal bleeding and hospital stay. Malaysian Context and governmental steps As the Malaysian population is gradually heading towards aging, there is a slowdown in the enrollment process in the nursing colleges. As per the leading newspaper MIMS News (2017), there are only 3000 nursing students graduated in the year 2017 and maximum of them headed abroad for better remuneration and work prospect. IN Malaysia, according to the UN report, nurse to individual ratio is 1:200 and in near future, if Malaysia fails to train 130,000 nurses, it will face a tremendous staff shortage by the year 2020. As per the World Health Organizations guidelines, there should be 2.5 nurses assisting a doctor, however in Malaysia, there are 2.10 nurses currently assisting a doctor that determines the staff shortage in Malaysia (Ministry Of Health Malaysia, 2018). To overcome the problem, the Malaysian government is constructing allied health science colleges to increase the ratio of graduating nursing students. Further, the government is focusing on improving the socio-economic status of individuals so that remuneration can be improved (Nursing World, 2017). Recommendations The first issue that the nursing world is facing nowadays is the disparity in remuneration. According to the Forbes (2013), nurses are facing disparities in case of remuneration worldwide and therefore the first thing that need to be fixed for the long as well as short-term effect is the compensation. Increased funding for their education, addressing work place related problems sincerely can rebuild the trust of these professional. The global nursing society should take necessary steps to unite all the nursing organizations and recruit students so that the image of the nursing profession can be enhanced (United nations, 2017). The healthcare organization should value their nurses and provide them with new skill training so that their scope of promotion can be improved. Furthermore, the governments of nations that are facing nursing staff shortage should regulate their policies and regulations so that retention of nursing staff becomes easier (Nursing World, 2017). Conclusion Shortage of nursing staff is the biggest concern of this decade as lack in healthcare and safety in people can lead to severe disease outbreaks. The UN report also indicated towards this concern and determined that if governments did not focus on this aspect, by 20935, it will be one of the biggest issues of the world, as 12.7 million staff shortage will be faced. Therefore, the governments should focus on different reasons that leads to this situation such as remuneration gap, gender disparities, ageing of staff, and decreasing staff values. Further, the governments should implement the proposed recommendations in the service so that the situation can be avoided or solved. References Algwaiz, W. M., Alghanim, S. A. (2012). Violence exposure among health care professionals in Saudi public hospitals. A preliminary investigation. Saudi medical journal, 33(1), 76-82. Beh, L. S., Loo, L. H. (2012). Job stress and coping mechanisms among nursing staff in public health services. International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences, 2(7), 131. Chan, Z. C., Tam, W. S., Lung, M. K., Wong, W. Y., Chau, C. W. (2013). A systematic literature review of nurse shortage and the intention to leave. Journal of nursing management, 21(4), 605-613. Drake, R. (2013). Nursing workforce planning: insights from seven Malaysian hospitals. British Journal of Nursing, 22(2), 95-100. Forbes. (2013).Are U.S. Doctors Paid Too Much? Retrieved 5 February 2018, from McDermid, F., Peters, K., Jackson, D., Daly, J. (2012). Factors contributing to the shortage of nurse faculty: A review of the literature. Nurse Education Today, 32(5), 565-569. MIMS News. (2017).Malaysia to face a nursing shortage by 2020.MIMS News. Retrieved 2018, from Ministry Of Health Malaysia. (2018).Official Portal for Ministry of Health MalaysiaMOH Retrieved from Nursing World. (2017).The Nursing Shortage: Solutions for the Short and Long Retrieved 5 February 2018, from United Nations. (2017).UN News - Global shortage of health workers expected to keep growing, UN agency warns.UN News Service Section. Retrieved from Wang, Y., Chang, Y., Fu, J., Wang, L. (2012). Work-family conflict and burnout among Chinese female nurses: the mediating effect of psychological capital. BMC public health, 12(1), 915 Wyte-Lake, T., Tran, K., Bowman, C. C., Needleman, J., Dobalian, A. (2013). A systematic review of strategies to address the clinical nursing faculty shortage. Journal of Nursing Education, 52(5), 245-252.